Indoor Gardening

It’s amazing what a little fresh air does for the body and soul, even when it’s a dark and dreary day.

It’s better than coffee for an energy lift and I kinda love coffee.

A little indoor gardening project got me out the door before work.

I was hoping to find some beautiful, smooth river rocks but all I got was gravel and pebbles.

No worries, it still works!

Every winter I admire the displays of paper white narcissus growing in water and pebbles, they seem to bring the fresh air inside and remind me that Spring is coming.


This year I finally got it together to start my own!

I collected a half a dozen big glass vases from the Salvation Army (costing $0.50-$1.00 a piece), bought a bag of bulbs from the local nursery, found some rocks at the river, and put it all together!

The concept is simple: place rocks in the bottom of a container to keep the bulbs elevated while giving the roots some place to go.  Let’s hope it works!