Simple Pleasures Sunday

Dirt under my fingernails from planting 50 bulbs.

Peeling back the frost cover to pick vibrant, fresh, organic lettuce-in November!

Green Kitchen factoid:

Growing one pound of lettuce takes 80 calories of food energy but washing, chilling, packaging, and transporting that same lettuce from California to the East coast takes nearly 5,000 calories, or almost 60 fossil fuel calories per lettuce calorie.

[information source Michael Pollan]

Does this mean I won’t be buying California lettuce in February?  Nope, probably not.  But it will make me aware of the extra “cost” of that lettuce and maybe I will choose a local kale more often and save out-of-local-season lettuce for a special treat.  In my mind, this information is like a little kid knowing that beef comes from a cow.  The kid will probably still eat the meat but now they have a connection between what’s on their plate and where it came from.

Hopefully my kale will last through the winter!

From dirt to dough!  After triple washing my hands I dug into a soaked spelt pizza dough that’s been in the works since yesterday morning.  I’ll let you know tomorrow if it turns out well!

It’s an overcast but delightfully mild day here and I’m heading out for a walk.

I hope your Sunday is filled with simple pleasures!


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