The Gift of Giving


December 2nd already?  Seriously?  Does each passing month of the year seem to go a little quicker than the last, or is it just me?  Confession: I have not bought a single holiday present.  Or birthday present for that matter and I’ve got 3 sibling’s birthday’s this month!

I love giving gifts but always find it overwhelming this time of year, despite always resolving (and failing) to take care of it earlier than the year before.

Part of my gift giving dilemma is not wanting to create more waste or clutter in people’s lives.  We all know that, inevitably, some gifts get re-gifted, thrown away, donated, or worse-stuck in a closet to take up space and collect dust.

Food gifts are great but not everyone appreciates my sense of culinary adventure (or maybe they just don’t share my love of sugar-free baking 😉 ).  Jewelry is usually a pleaser with the female crowd but I haven’t seen anything lately that stood out to me and was budget friendly.  Gift certs are awesome in theory but sometimes end up becoming an obligation to the receiver, and an obligation is not a present.

Help! Do you have any great, green, gift ideas?

Today’s schedule is tight, we are going from work straight to the first Friday gallery stroll and a dance performance.  I had planned on a run and Pilates today but it looks like my workout will be push ups behind the desk between checking patients out!