These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Here are a few things I am digging these days.

This song by The Alabama Shakes, which I got to hear live last night at a free concert.  Think: love child of Janis Joplin and The Black Keys.

New [to me] blogs!  Katie Did and A Sonoma Garden, even though they currently both feature posts on red meat (I don’t eat the stuff).  How did I not know that there are like a thousand gardening blogs out there?  My poor little collard greens have been attacked by aphids and cabbage worms so of course I went straight to the Google to find a “natural treatment” and tons of beautiful and helpful gardening blogs popped up.  If you know of any great ones, send them my way!  As for the worms, it seems that the best treatment is to pick them off by hand.  Ewww. Remind me to only plant kale next year, they haven’t touched it.

Exercise. My workouts were lighter due to surgery and shoulder issues for the better part of September, October, and November but now I am back to it and loving every sweaty second.   My weekly workout goals are three full body strength training sessions, three cardio/run workouts, three Pilates workouts, and three yoga sessions and it feels like the right amount; achievable while challenging my body.

Vinyasa.  When I am in my yoga grove (practicing regularly) my body and mind can’t get enough and I crave the pranayama, the chaturanga,  and the uddiyana bandha.  And the ass and ab toning is just the icing on the cake.

The idea of snow.  Beautiful, pristine, calming, snow.  I would happily trade today’s 60* and raining for 30* and snowing.

December flowers!  My bulbs are bloomin’!

What are you digging today?