The 7th Goal

Nearly four weeks ago I posted my 7 Goals for the Last 7 Weeks of the Year.

In the original post I didn’t actually have a 7th goal but overtime I let one naturally emerge.  Yoga.  Yoga classes more specifically.

I have a somewhat regular home practice but there is something different about participating in a yoga class, even if that class is actually a video.  Like most people, I have an aversion to doing things that make me uncomfortable or that I’m maybe not that good at, so my own practice is made up of all the poses that feel awesome to my body and not so many of the ones that really push my own boundaries.

Yoga, whether it’s 10 minutes or 90, vigorous or restorative, has been exactly what my body and mind need lately.  With 19 days left of the year I am setting a new goal; 15 days of yoga.   Some days this may be as simple as a few Sun Salutations or a quick meditation or it maybe a full blown hour and a half practice.

Set your own goal!  15 Days of ______________ to finish off 2011 and ring in 2012.