1. Great selection of moves! I love all of these. We did the roll-up in an Interval Training class I took this morning, except we were holding a weight out in front of us at the same time. Added a bit more resistance! I love it when pilates-inspired moves are incorporated into other types of workouts.

  2. Lindsey

    Thanks for this great mini-workout! I thought I would be able to start coming to your Wednesday evening class, but it’s not looking possible for me right now… This 5-minute workout will be a great way for me to at least do a little something, until I can get to a real class!

  3. Thanks for posting these exercises! I still haven’t tried a pilates class and with my half ironman training I’m short on time. But I know core exercises are so important. Too bad I don’t live close to you, because I would definitely try one of your classes!

  4. Amilliontimeslove pilates. 🙂
    I am going to take one of your classes one day. Just have to find myself in WV. My favorite?….I really like spinal imprinting/bridge for keeping my low back in healthy alignment…for sheer core strength, the roll up…& hundreds are always a killer.

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