Will Spin For Chocolate

Happy Hanukah!

Tate and I marked the first night of the festival of lights with a conference call with 12 of my relatives.  For real.  We all call into a number and get to “talk” all together.  It’s a beautiful and crazy thing.  We never manage an actual conversation but there’s a lot of giggling and that’s always fun.

Friend’s had us over for a lovely dinner and after eating we lit candles and played dreidel.

I do believe everyone’s a winner when playing for chocolate.

I love watching candles burn down, especially this time of year when (around here) the days are short.

One of the good things about Hanuka is that it lasts 8 days, this means I still have time to buy and send presents!  In all seriousness, I am almost there but not quite.

If you are a C’villian come join me for a Winter Solstice yoga practice tonight from 6:45-8pm!  We will start with an invigorating Vinyasa flow and finish with meditative Yin poses to welcome Winter.  E-mail me for details!


  1. I counted fifteen on the crazy, fun time call in addition to you and Tate. Then there were a few out of signal range family missing from the action. When we started doing these calls and you were a child, it involved a live operator calling each participating household (on the landline, of course), and asking them to hold while (she) contacted others. Now, I go to freeconference.com, everyone gets automatically emailed instructions, and its a go. Cyber Chanukah family time in the 21st century with an ever growing family.

  2. Happy Hanukah!
    That’s awesome you taught a winter solstice yoga class tonight. I went to one, and loved it! The teacher had a couple friends play the drums during class which was really cool.

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