Kitchen Craft

Two more days of Hanukah and then NYE…

…by Sunday The Holidays 2011 will be just a memory!

I admit, I’m ready for the quiet calm of January and February.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrated over the weekend!

Tate and I have been in West Virginia since Thursday night and have enjoyed beautiful weather, great food, a few runs, and lots of good family time.  I gave a few gifts and received some lovely ones, including a wok from my papa and  lots of awesome pottery made by my mom.

The present highlight of the year was definitley the kitchen set made by my papa for my nephew, check this thing out!

It’s hard to see the scale but the fridge is nearly four feet tall!

He’s a crafty man!

Have a wonderfulbeautifulhappy Monday!


  1. The kitchen set is great! I went to our local holiday market the other day and saw some homemade kitchen sets. I think they are so much better than the plastic ones you can buy!

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