1. Hahaha – unfortunately, I haven’t been able to achieve a clean break-up, but have definitely been putting some distance between myself and sugar 😉

    • gracefulfitness

      HA! My husband said “cold turkey?” and I told him that like most break ups there would probably be a few relapses. 😉

  2. Kerri

    Sugar and I had a big break-up 2 weeks ago, and gluten and a few others I won’t mention. I guess I was having just to many love affairs. Now I’ve taken up with stevia and we’re having a very calm and steady relationship.
    Loved your story, very cute!

  3. I could have written this letter. I wasn’t able to go cold turkey today, but i did so much better after a whole month of crazy indulgence. Here is to moderation in the new year.

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