1. i see the use of a lot of ‘different’ flours in your baking, i am really interested in try this as i am not a huge fan of the gluten bloat i often feel. how does it compare? do you find yourself buying a bunch of different ones, or is there one main flour that works best for you? (i usually just use whole wheat pastry flour.)

    • gracefulfitness

      I have recently started using more non-wheat flours than wheat flours and this is partly for the fun of experimentation and partly nutritional. I’ve been reading a lot about phytic acid and how it’s presence in many grains prevents us from fully absorbing nutrients. While I have no interest at this time in forgoing grains/wheat/gluten completely I feel like one way to make my food have higher nutritional value and get more diversity in my diet is to use alternative “flours”.
      And now on to your actual question!
      Using non-wheat flours is very different. There’s just nothing like gluten! I personally don’t really care too much about traditional texture for most baked goods (muffins, cookies, etc.) as long as they end up having a good texture.
      Honestly, there are many blogs that do alternative flour baking better than I do (read my “I Cook” page disclaimer! 🙂 ). I am definitely still experimenting (I’ve learned coconut flours soaks up A LOT of liquid!). I just found a blog yesterday called Recipes To Nourish that looks awesome for sugar-free, wheat-free baking.
      Hope that long-winded response sort of answers your questions!

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks! I got mine at Trader Joes and I think it’s technically almond meal. You could whip up your own in a vitamix or food processor too!

  2. Elle

    Hi Faith – directed on your blog from KERF. This recipe looks AMAZING! One question: is there something I can sub coconut flour with? How bout potato flour/rice flour or would that be weird? Just that I have some leftover from my brother, and don’t fance buying another new cooking product for 2 tbs worth…suggestions? I can use “normal” flour, just wondered if the coconut flour added a specific flavour.

    Thanks Faith – great blog!

    • gracefulfitness

      Elle, Thanks for checking out the blog!
      I would say just use almond flour for the whole thing. They may need to bake for an extra few minutes because the coconut flour really soaks up liquid but otherwise it should work beautifully. I used coconut flour because I bought a can of it and have really enjoyed experimenting with it, also it adds fiber and lauric acid.
      If you are interested in baking with “alternative” flours I highly recommend getting some coconut flour. It does seem pricey at first but you use much less of it than other flours and it will last a long time in the fridge.
      Have fun experimenting!

    • gracefulfitness

      While eggs are sometimes classified as “dairy” they are not a by-product of milk (the definition of dairy). Eggs are really a category all their own because they are neither dairy not meat.

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