Full Steam Ahead

2010 was wild and crazy.  We traveled the world, I started blogging, went to a Chinese emergency room at 3am, returned to the U.S after a year and a half abroad, bought our first house and moved to a new town (in that order!), and to top it off we bought a clinic.  Whew!

2011 was spent recovering from 2010.  Last year was all about grounding, literally and figuratively.  I only flew once but I grew a garden, made friends and community, spent lots of time with family in West Virginia, with Tate started developing a professional presence, began dancing again, and began teaching again.  Tate and I joke that we haven’t put down roots yet but we’ve dug a great big hole!

2012.  What will it bring?  More travel (I’m getting antsy!), more teaching (I have four classes a week now), more dancing (I have a show in March!), more gardening (still picking lettuce!!!).  I am ready for those roots to start taking hold!

Hope you had an incredible 2011 and began 2012 with an appetite for personal growth, balance, and adventure!