Untitled Post

Today is one of those rare days where I find myself staring at the empty space where a post is supposed to go and just….staring.

When I started blogging from an internet cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal in May 2010 I was SO naive/clueless about this world, this blogosphere, in which I now reside.

My pictures were bad and small (yet the files were too big) and I didn’t know a tag from a category (still figuring that one out actually) but mostly I was totally clueless about the purpose of a blog.  I thought that my main readership would be clients and students of mine here in Charlottesville once I settled in and started a personal training business.   Gracefulfitness was a way to give them a little something extra; posts on nutrition and different types of exercise.

Little did I know that I would rediscover my old love of photography and writing or find an outlet on which to share my kitchen experiments.   With the world.

Gracefulfitness is still a baby blog in many respects (and I am still clueless in many respects!) but it’s fun to go back to those first posts and see how far I’ve/the blog has come.

Bloggers: how has your blog morphed over it’s life?  How long did you read blogs before starting your own?

Readers: how did you get started reading blogs?  What keeps you coming back to a certain blog day after day?