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Today is one of those rare days where I find myself staring at the empty space where a post is supposed to go and just….staring.

When I started blogging from an internet cafe in Kathmandu, Nepal in May 2010 I was SO naive/clueless about this world, this blogosphere, in which I now reside.

My pictures were bad and small (yet the files were too big) and I didn’t know a tag from a category (still figuring that one out actually) but mostly I was totally clueless about the purpose of a blog.  I thought that my main readership would be clients and students of mine here in Charlottesville once I settled in and started a personal training business.   Gracefulfitness was a way to give them a little something extra; posts on nutrition and different types of exercise.

Little did I know that I would rediscover my old love of photography and writing or find an outlet on which to share my kitchen experiments.   With the world.

Gracefulfitness is still a baby blog in many respects (and I am still clueless in many respects!) but it’s fun to go back to those first posts and see how far I’ve/the blog has come.

Bloggers: how has your blog morphed over it’s life?  How long did you read blogs before starting your own?

Readers: how did you get started reading blogs?  What keeps you coming back to a certain blog day after day?


  1. Liz

    I can’t remember how I initially found healthy living blogs but then I discovered google reader and kept adding other blogs of interest to that page. I primarily find blogs though blogrolls on other blogs, but I also often click over if a blogger is mentioned on a blog that I read (I’m pretty sure I found this one through KathEats). I keep my subscriptions on google reader because I enjoy the content (either the writing style or I like the recipes).

  2. Margo

    I found this via KathEats, but I continue to read because I start to feel like the stories that are typed are the stories of friends… its like reading a book as its being written… that is what our lives are anyway, right? A story that we add to each day.

  3. Leslie

    About 3 years ago I found blogs when searching google for vegatarisn recipes. I somehow arrived at No Meat Athlete’s blog and from there found a whole community of healthy living blogs. I continue to read some of those first blogs but have found new ones that continue to inspire me. I’m drawn to blogs that offer a positive message of health and wellbeing. I look for quality writing and creative content. I enjoy recipes, and tips on how to make healthy living a part of a busy and full life. I enjoy seeing a glimpse into the life of the blogger. I look for people that I relate to in some way. I enjoy reading your blog because your ideas are simple, affordable, kind to the earth. I like your gentle non authoritarian style. I look forward to reading more.

    • gracefulfitness

      I really appreciate getting this feedback, that’s exactly how I would describe my goals with this blog so it’s awesome to know that that’s how it comes across to you!

  4. I first learned about a blog from another member of the Interfaith Peace Fellowship http://www.ifpb.org/ during our shared two weeks in Palestine and Israel in 2005 (?). It was not until my darling daughter Faith began this blog that I became a daily reader/ looker (great to see the photographic growth). It was, after all, Faith who created newsletters in our farm community as a young home schooler, with original artwork, but no photos.

  5. Leslie

    Sorry for the typo in my above comment I meant to type “vegetarian”,0ops. I also like when blog writers take time to check their work for typos and grammar errors. Looks like I should not try to blog.

  6. Leslie

    Sorry for the typo in my above comment I meant to type “vegetarian”,0ops. This reminds me … I also like when blog writers take time to check their work for typos and grammar errors. I will strive to do better on this also.

  7. Leslie

    Oh my now I’ve posted comments twice. My bad!! Now I am embarrassed ! (Blushing) Why don’t I refrain from comments for the remainder of the day.

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks Leslie, this comment made me giggle! I agree about proof reading and I could probably stand to do a little more of it myself!

  8. I found your blog through KathEats. I love your blog, because it’s simple, clean, and conversational. I read blogs of people with whom I feel like I would like (be friends with) in real life. I JUST started my own blog. It’s a weird thing.

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks for the feedback Sarah! I remember when I first saw the name of your blog: I thought to myself, “now this is someone I can relate to!”, those of us who dream of beets must stick together! And I totally agree, I love reading a blog post that feels like a coffee date with a great friend.

  9. I’ve morphed and developed by beginning as a “this is what I eat” blog and becoming primarily a “recipe blog” and then turning into this collaboration of all kinds of thoughts and ideas while still leaning primarily towards healthy living.

    I’m still not entirely sure how to label my blog. 😉

    • gracefulfitness

      I know what you mean about labeling, which is why I am so grateful for the “healthy living blog” genre! I love the freedom that I have given myself with the blog but sometimes I wonder if it’s too all-over-the-place. In the end I try to remember that as long as I’m having fun and writing about what interests me than I’m doing what I set out to do.

  10. I remember reading blogs nearly 4 years ago and I just started one this past May. My blog has morphed as well but it’s difficult to say how exactly. I think mine is becoming a bit more about recipes and photography than my “real” life, but who knows that could change in a day!

    • gracefulfitness

      I think I used to try to write more about my day-to-day life but I found that both kind of difficult to keep up with and decided it was kind of lame to read. I love that your blog gives me a sense of who you are without recounting every detail of your days. This is what I strive for as well; enough personality to feel unique and intimate without being “me, me, me”.

  11. Mia

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I’m glad I did! Your commitment to health starting from the inside out (from whole unprocessed foods to exercise), your travels, and your active, creative lifestyle in general is so inspiring! I also appreciate the health information on a variety of topics, your unique recipes, and the conversational quality of your blog. I like how you have a balance of good information and personal stories such that it is not just “research-y” (that’s a technical term ;-)). Thank you for all that you share, and keep on writing!

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