1. I love that cut of stone you’ve been using for pictures, it adds such a nice touch! I couldn’t agree more with this post and we had very similar pasts! I wish I could somehow get back all those poor yolks I threw away in the past 🙁

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks! I found the stone in my herb garden. 🙂
      Those yolks I threw away weren’t all that nutritious anyway but I know what you mean!

  2. I don’t eat dairy often (I might if I knew a little local dairy in the area) but when I do, it’s full fat all the way. I love the points you make about quality & what the animals are fed — it’s so important to their health & therefor ours if we eat them, their milk or eggs. Another point to bring up is that “fat-free” dairy is full of all sorts of other nasty ingredients to make up for the lack of fat.

  3. The more fat I eat, the better I feel. I struggled with the same mentality for years, and that lead to me overeating fat-free foods. When I eat what I want – and that includes a lot of fat – I’m much more moderate. Plus, my skin and hair feel better. Ah, vanity.

    • gracefulfitness

      I agree with all of these statements! I used to go nuts with peanut butter when I ate it, now I slow down and really enjoy and appreciate the few spoonfuls or so I eat at a time-and am very satisfied!

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