The Pits

I’ve been aluminum free for 10 days now and I am happy to report that it’s been easier than I anticipated.  Thanks so much for the feedback that, no matter what form of deodorant you use, you will go through a stinky period when you eliminate the chemicals.   In the past I’ve used the natural stuff for a few days then tossed it aside for something stronger because I figured it wasn’t working.  Now I know that my body is in an adjustment period and nothing but (natural) soap and water will keep me completely fresh.

Over the last week I’ve been using the apricot stuff I bought a while back and while I don’t love it, it’s okay.  I loved getting all of your suggestions in the comments to the original post and look forward to trying some of the products recommended but for now I’ll stick to the ones I’ve already purchased (waste not, want not 😉 ).

I would love your help with some more natural product recommendations!

What’s your favorite green clothes detergent?  How about face soap? Hand soap?  Shaving cream?  I am almost out of these products at home and while I’ve been buying green for over a year, I have yet to find a brand I LOVE.

Have you seen the amazing video The Story of Cosmetics put out the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics?

I am very sensitive to sensational claims and extreme accusations so I don’t necessarily believe everything in the video or that I need to go 110% chemical free.  I do however believe that for many companies consumer health is not their biggest concern because it’s incredibly difficult to pinpoint whether it was their product that caused harm.   I also believe in putting my money into companies that illustrate a concern and respect for my health, the health of their workers, and the health of the planet.  

It can be really challenging to distinguish “natural and green” from “chemical laden and nasty”.    Regulations surrounding the claims natural and organic are vague and I do not believe that they have the consumers best interest at heart.  What’s a girl to do?  More and more I’ve been seeking out companies with full transparency about their ingredients and mission statement.   Burt’s Bees is one of those brands, what are some others?

Do you think “greening” up your cosmetics and cleaning products is necessary?  Do you think it’s a waste of money?  Have you noticed a difference in your health by switching to green products?  I know that I will be exposed to trillions of “unwanted” substances in my life: soaking in through my skin, my lungs, and from what I eat, but I feel good about proactively limiting my exposure and supporting companies whose beliefs align with my own.