Super Sunday

Yesterday was an almost perfect Sunday.

I woke up to a beautiful man making me a delicious breakfast, followed by a delicious yoga session in my living room.  The afternoon was spent with two dozen other dancers in a free workshop offered by the crew from The Unearthing, an amazing performance art extravaganza that is happening in Charlottesville.

Tate and I collaborated on a nourishing dinner of baked salmon, roasted pesto potatoes, and salad with Sweet But Not Refined Chocolate Tortes for dessert and shared the meal with two other couples.

The only thing my day was missing was a little more time outside but I did get some fresh air walking the mile to and from the dance studio.

I also spent the weekend sore.  My entire body got WORKED in a kettlebell class on Friday.  The class was awesome; fast-paced without an overload of swings, and it was a helluva reminder that I haven’t been pushing myself in my 2-3 times a week strength workouts.  Today, day three, I am just about back to normal!

Soreness is uncomfortable but I try to see it as information about my bodies strengths and weaknesses.   Soreness is also an opportunity for growth, literally.  The tenderness that we experience with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is a result of our muscles repairing themselves and growing bigger.  I am not interested in big muscles but I am interested my bones staying sturdy, keeping my metabolism humming, and my muscles remaining pliable and strong.  In order to achieve this I must challenge my body and occasionally make myself so sore that I feel it for three days.

I am really enjoying reading all of the recommendations for natural beauty and household products!  For those readers not in the United States I am super curious about whether you feel like this is relevant to you.   Are the standards for these products stricter in your country?


  1. I just started doing burpees and my ABS felt sore for days. I didn’t realize I’d be working my abs (how did *that* happen? Or maybe I’m just really clueless when it comes to this sort of thing… 😉 ) but it felt good.

    Sounds like a very lovely Sunday! 😀

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