• gracefulfitness

      I go to China Med in Albemarle Square. I’ve been asking around for recommendations since I moved here and didn’t get any so in a moment of desperation I called up there and started getting treated in October. (It was desperation because I would prefer someone closer to my house since driving to the square doesn’t do a lot for my tranquility). There are two acupuncturists there and they are both Chinese and trained in China. It’s $99 a treatment (I pay $79 as an ACAC employee), which lasts about an hour. Honestly it’s a little steep for me to go regularly but well worth it once or twice a month.

  1. Mary

    My chiropractor also gives acpunture treatments & he recommended it for shingles pain. It starting helping after my second visit (I had a total of 10 treatments) the sessions usually lasted about 15 minutes. I would try it again!

    • gracefulfitness

      My husband is a chiropractor and is investigating getting trained in “dry needling” (like acupuncture but performed by a chiropractor in Virginia) as part of his continuing education. I’m glad to hear that it was a good combination for you!

  2. Anne

    I went to see an acupuncturist when our second child was breach. It worked! He told me to come back if I was ever feeling sick, so I am excited to give that a try next time.

  3. Tracy

    I’ve been looking into acupuncture as a treatment for migraines and will be calling around this week to get more information. So glad to hear your positive testimonial!

  4. Acupuncture helped me get off of crutches about five years ago. I went at least once a month for about a year after that and noticed a difference in how I felt. It was hard at first just to lay there, but I eventually started dozing off during treatments. It taught me to listen to my body and respond to what it tells me.

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