Adulthood is Overrated

Today is one of those days.

You know, the kind of day when being an adult is hard work.

Very occasionally, on days like this, I close my eyes tight, cross my fingers and wish for a fairy godmother.   Someone to wave her magic wand and have all the little, irritating details of life be taken care of.

But instead of opening my eyes and having my wish come true I open them to a long to-do list and a very supportive husband.  🙂

Nothing is significant enough on its own to cause me distress but all together it’s getting me down; insurance irritations at the clinic (they owe us $$$!), a ‘lost in the mail’ job application (no problem, I’ll just fill out another one and fax it right over, talk to you in 3 hours), slow day at work (not a good thing when you’re a small business owner!), lack of any technical savvy to fix some blog issues, a lingering stomach bug….normal Monday s***.

Days like this make me remember to practice stress management.  So I take a few deep breaths.   I drink some Emergen-C.   I remember that even a bad day at work is a good day because I work with my husband at building our dream and our future.  I fill out the application (again).  I drink some water.  I prioritize a little exercise.  And I remember those days when I was 16 and would dream of being 30, with all of its grown up responsibility and freedom.