Fly By February


I can already feel the acceleration of 2012 starting to pick up the pace.  My next 14 days are jam packed with all kinds of good stuff.  By the time I come up for air February will be half over!

The fun starts this afternoon when I jet across the country to Portland, Oregon.

The reason for the trip?  I have awesome friends there!  I scored a frequent flyer ticket! It’s February!  My sister will be there!  All good reasons, right? 🙂

I always start February with the idea that it’s going to fly by because it’s a few days shorter than the other months and this year I think it’s going to be true, even with the 29th day.

Happy February!


  1. Kate

    Portland will be on my list of places to visit in the USA…to see Dani and Amber. What are your favourite places??

  2. I hope you are having fun in Portland! I’ll be up there next weekend. Too bad my trip isn’t this weekend or maybe we could meet up. I’m hoping to fit in a class at the yoga studio you recommended while I’m up there. Enjoy the nice weather. 🙂

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