1. I use Dr. B’s and Tom’s out of this list and enjoyed re- reading their mission statements. I’m slowly becoming much more conscious of the products I choose to support and more importantly what those companies choose to support. It matters!

  2. With all the recent press about Apple’s Chinese production, not to mention the history of coal mining, I believe that how a company treats its workers as part of the green, sustainability issue. I have been using Dr. B for at least forty years, and Tom’s probably for thirty. I even once brushed my teeth with Dr. B peppermint, and looked like a mad dog.

  3. Jess

    Dr. Haushka’s is totally worth it. I use the bronzer- a few dabs and add it to a cheaper albeit high quality moisturizer. It is by no means a foundation but evens out your complexion and does cover blemishes/redness etc. The normalizing day oil is exceptional as well. It helps to minimize pores and tones. The lotions are nice- both facial and body, but as I have dry skin I need a lot and just can’t swing that! I have heard wonderful things about the steam baths, but these are definitely something you can concoct on your own!

    Thanks for the posts and doing all that research!

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