Lucky Number 13

Valentines Day is a little silly.  But it’s also a lot of sweet.  It’s the only holiday where I feel like it’s all about Tate and I.  Birthdays are about the birthday person and other holidays are shared by family and friends but Valentines Day is, at least for us, focused on romantic love.

And it’s sort of our anniversary.

In January 2000 I went to visit Tate in Montana, where he was living for the ski season.   We’d been casually seeing each other on and off for a year and a half but during that time we were more off than on.  As much as we told ourselves and each other that it was casual we just kept coming back together.  We both knew that we didn’t want to go 5 months without seeing each other so even though we weren’t really “dating” I planned a trip to Montana to break up the long winter apart.



During that cold, glorious week twelve years ago we fell truly, madly, deeply, head-over-heels for each other.  We weren’t together for February 14th that year but we celebrated a few weeks early.



This year, our 13th V Day as a couple, Tate brought me coffee in bed this morning and made me eggs and potatoes for breakfast. 😉



We learned our lesson early on about the hassle of going out to eat on Valentines Day so tonight we will order in sushi and  enjoy a quiet night together.



Gotta go snuggle my Valentine.

Have a heart-filled day!