1. This morning I loaded firewood onto the tractor before breakfast. Most of the day will be sitting in cars and planes and airports. This evening I will be swimming at your grandparents home.

  2. I love this! 😀 And I’m like you – I don’t typically have a plan, but I know I will workout somehow because I LOVE to move. My schedule isn’t regular, so I’m thankful that I’m able to wait until the warmest part of the day to run or choose not to if it’s snowy and I’d rather get in a total body workout at home. Today it’ll likely be a run! Here’s to #iwillmovetoday – Great idea!

  3. I love this! However, I have the opposite issue – I don’t know when to take a break and then work myself into injury. For example, I am suffering from MAJOR plantar faciitis. I couldn’t put weight on my foot all on Sunday. And yet…I went running on Monday, Tuesday, and today. I am going to a PT on Monday, so hopefully they’ll force me to not run:)

  4. hmm, looks like i might need to get on twitter more. i don’t have a smartphone, so it doesn’t always make a lot of sense for me to use it. i’d love to participate though!

    • gracefulfitness

      I don’t have a smart phone either and although I’ve had a twitter account for a while I feel like I am just starting to understand the concept of it. Social media is not my strong suit…

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