Water and Land

In typical Tate fashion, yesterday was filled with activity and adventure.

First off was kayaking.


I gave up any attempt at being a kayaker long ago so our good friend Theron joined us and I ran shuttle while the boys paddled their hearts out.

Tate’s been whitewater kayaking since he was a teenage.  He’s good.  Like really good.  Never seen whitewater kayaking?  Check out this video Tate made several years ago.

I had some time to kill while waiting for the men so I found a little roadside park and got down to business with a Tabata workout.



I alternated lots of jumping with sprints up this little hill.



Doesn’t look like much but, whew, it was a doozy.

Post-workout hydration. 🙂



Once the men dried off we set out on a hike.

About half a mile in we found that the trail was flooded so we had to forge our own way around.



After a few hours of steep trail we came to this:



The birthday boy looked out to his future. 🙂



We arrived back at the car just as the sun dipped and night started to set in.


We planned on going out to dinner but by the time we got home and unloaded it was almost 8pm.   Showers, take-out sushi, chocolate cake, and a movie sounded like the perfect end to a great day.

We’re continuing the birthday celebration through the weekend with friends and a condo at a ski resort nearby.  Unfortunately there’s not a lot of snow and there’s rain in the forecast but we will enjoy good friends and good food and drink in the mountains!  And hiking, rain or shine!  #iwillmovetoday