Dance, Dance

My dance video is posted!

You can check it out on my Facebook page!

There is an entire genre of dance, called Dance for the Camera, dedicated to making dances with the use of a video camera.  These dances are intended to be performed on screen, rather than live.  The use of video allows the creator/choreographer to use non-traditional and multiple settings as well as to direct the audiences eye to specific angles, body parts, or actions.

The theater I created this piece for is a working movie theater and has a big, beautiful movie screen above the big, beautiful stage.  What better venue to show a Dance for the Camera!? I wanted to perform live as well so I combined the two, the first two sections of the dance were shown on the screen and the last section was performed live with a still picture on the screen as the backdrop.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any video to share with you of the live performance but you can watch the first two sections by going to the above link!

This piece is quirky and silly and was totally inspired by being a food blogger!