1. 8am: Rise and shine, woken by teenage daughters.
    8:02am out the door. Drive girls 2 miles to school.
    8:20am home again, coffee whole grain english muffin
    9am prep dinner
    10am shower and dress for teaching 2 exercise classes later
    11am bike 2 miles to homeless shelter to serve lunch
    1:30 bike 2 miles home
    2pm finish making dinner hang out with girls check emails
    5pm teach 2 fun exercise classes
    7pm dinner with family
    8pm Salsa dancing class with my hubby
    9:30pm home to have a glass of wine and hang out with hubby
    10:30 pm bed
    FUN and active day, just what I like!
    Yours sounds much busier!

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks for sharing, it’s fun to see someone’s schedule! Our days definitely have some similarities! What kind of classes do you teach? Wednesdays are my busiest day right now, especially when we have to be at the office at 8!

  2. Your day is wonderfully organized and full of productivity! I would love to try Pilates – wish I lived in Charlottesville so I could attend your class 🙂 Surely there are plenty of classes in Portland, but I am frustratingly shy.

    Since I am essentially unemployed at the moment, my Wednesday is packed with cleaning, errands, organizing, workouts, cooking/baking, and editing my vegan cookzine. Perhaps not terribly exciting, but still productive!

    • gracefulfitness

      Pilates is awesome and I wish you could come to my classes too! I used to teach at Yoga Pearl but they are obviously more of a yoga studio than a Pilates studio. You may want to look into videos to get you started if a class sounds intimidating or unattractive to you. The website Pilates Anytime has loads of offerings, including some great beginner classes. You have to pay a monthly fee but I believe you get a trial week or two and really the cost of a month is about the same as one live class. Remember, Pilates is very specific and so it is important to start with the basics, even if it feels a little slow at first. Enjoy!

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