1. Lindsey

    What fun! Here are mine (also in no particular order)
    1. Fruits and Veggies
    2. Time in my kitchen
    3. Del
    4. My Family
    5. A sense of purpose and accomplishment
    6. Coffee/Phone/Skype dates with good girl friends
    7. Dance!
    8. Other physical activity: yoga, running, walking, etc…
    9. Consistent sleep, and extreme sleep-in days every once in a while
    10. Fresh air and sunshine (yes, like a plant…)

    • gracefulfitness

      Ha! I know this is true for me because it’s the only food that I really missed while living abroad. Luckily we had a steady stream of visitors to replenish my stash!

  2. #8 100% yes! Being able to use my body & move is definitely near the very top. Dave. Music. Climbing. Delicious, wholesome food. & I better add your #2, because apparently I’m low in B12 🙁

  3. This definitely made me think. I’ve been following your blog (and I love it!), but I don’t think I’ve ever posted a comment. Blasphemy! And like your list, these are collective, not ordered from most to least or vice versa, just things I must have to keep me happy, stable, and centered.

    1. My daily workout, whatever it may be.
    2. My iPhone — sad, but true.
    3. The internet.
    4. Stevia in the Raw.
    5. My MacBook Pro.
    6. My mom.
    7. Wine.
    8. Peanut Flour.
    9. My coworkers.
    10. The Huffington Post.

    Honestly, if one of those 10 things were snatched out of my day, I’d be super bummed. Those are all daily must-haves. But your #6, #8, and #10 are on my overall list. People say you can use a blender…but some recipes require a food processor. The ability to be active? Gosh, I can’t imagine not being able to do something as natural as dancing, but being healthy and active keeps us capable of enjoying the simple pleasures. And financial security…nothing is more comforting than knowing you can support yourself. I live on a tight budget, due to being house-poor, but I never have to worry about the basics. Financial security is golden.

    Great post! =)

  4. I love you list! Mine is
    1. Jim
    2. Ability to move
    3. The poodle
    4. iPhone
    5. Tea and diet soda
    6. Warmth
    7. Nature (I live to walk in the woods)
    8. Therapy (sad but true – I need the reality check)
    9. Starbucks (and I won’t apologize for this – its who I am and a large part of my recovery)
    10. Horses

    • gracefulfitness

      I love your list too! With both of our lists I like the scope from very material comforts to fundamental needs. Have a great day!

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