Spring Forage

Need a ride to the airport?  Sure, of course, I’d be happy to take you.  Just repay me with ramps and morels from the wilds of West Virginia.*





Ramps and wild morels are quintessential local and seasonal eating!



And they are both delicious!



These tender wild Spring onions are awesome sauteed with potatoes as a breakfast hash.  Yesterday I pickled three jars of the tender white bottoms and am dreaming of all the ways to eat them once they are ready: bloody mary’s, chopped in salads, as a relish…



What’s your favorite Spring food?  Local asparagus is just starting to show up in markets and I am eyeing my sugar snap peas everyday hoping to spot a blossom.

Do you have any local, seasonal specialties you look forward to?

{*I actually totally won out in this deal because Tate drove our friends to the airport at 4am as I slept}


  1. I totally want one of those Eat More Kale shirts!

    Asparagus definitely tops my spring produce list. Strawberries are in season here, too – they’re delicious!

    • gracefulfitness

      I asked Tate to pick some mint last night for Kath and I’s ‘mocktails’ and he came back with 4 single leaves, saying that he picked half the plant. Apparently my mint needs some more time to grow! I LOVE mint too.

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