1. Ooh – I didnt realise you had also taken part – I cant wait to go back and read your posts!

    I was also NOT 100% on the commitment. But some of the prompts were a little lacking to be honest.

    However, what Im extremely unimpressed with is how I TOTALLY failed to use the challenge to connect with other people. Im not sure I did one single hash tag tweet.THIS is why I should probably NOT have my own business in the future. 🙂

    Anyways – big congrats on the posts you DID do! Have a great week! xox

    • gracefulfitness

      I slacked on the connecting aspect too BUT I did find your blog through the HAWMC! I’m kind of a failure at social media in general and this challenge just reinforced that, it’s just SO much to keep up with!

  2. I would be happy with 12 too! Often it’s more about the process than the product… although sometimes that gets difficult in such a product-oriented/results-oriented culture. I enjoyed your posts!

  3. Jonna

    Hi Faith,

    Really enjoy your blog! The meal looks fabulous and I was wondering if you have a recipe for
    your crust and the filling that you would share? Thanks! Jonna

    • gracefulfitness

      You are talking about the quiche, right?
      My friend made the crust and it was a basic pastry crust with whole wheat flour, butter, salt, and cold water mixed together in the food processor. She didn’t measure but it was a little lighter on the fat than most because it wasn’t flaky.
      I made the filling and it was a ton of eggs whisked with a little unsweetened soy milk (because that’s what we had). Into the eggs I also added a lot of chopped raw spinach, chopped red pepper, some grated Dubliner cheese, salt and pepper. I sauteed some potatoes and chives until al dente and layered them on the bottom on the crust. I poured the eggs on top of the crust and potatoes then placed asparagus spears and more chopped red pepper and cheese on top. It took a long time to bake (we were hungry!) but we just kept checking the center to see if it was still jiggly and took it out once it firmed.
      Hope that helps!

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