1. Rachel

    We were given this after a big, delicious meal in Thailand! It was so refreshing and soothing, this summer i am definitely going to try it again

  2. Laura

    This lady is a hoot! Love her video. Beautiful suggestion, Faith…I’m going to make the tea STAT. Her other videos are great also. The cucumber relish looks perfect!

  3. Amy

    Thanks for the info Faith. I love having this hot at my fav. Vietnamese restaurant but will make this at home now for summer! Grow some lemongrass. It is easy and fun!

  4. Bernie

    This looks amazing and the way you staged the photographs is beautiful. I bet it is so refreshing…I usually just stick a handful of teabags in a container and leave it in the fridge! I need to remember that I can make tea out of herbs and ginger as well.

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