• gracefulfitness

      I know, he was having so much fun! There’s nothing worse than seeing an athlete look miserable!

  1. Justeen

    Wow, that IS really motivating! You are an inspiration as well, by the way! I really enjoyed your yoga class on Saturday morning 🙂 Now I want to do more yoga!

    • gracefulfitness

      You were there! I almost said “is Justeen here?” but then I got shy…thanks for coming! Glad you enjoyed it, it was certainly a challenge to teach outside!

  2. Aracoma Smith

    I love this post! Both of you are amazing and I love you! Had to steal and post to FB- very proud!

  3. cassy

    look at the booty coming out of the water! you’re a lucky lady 🙂

    i find you an inspiration to move + cook + enjoy life more!

    • gracefulfitness

      HA! It’s so true though…;) My husband is hot, hot, hot!
      And thank you so much, I am thrilled that I inspire you in such ways!

  4. Big congrats to Tate! It looks like he had a great race and enjoyed it! It’s amazing he was able to skip the shorter distances and go right to the half ironman. It was inspiring to read this post being in the middle of my half ironman training 🙂 It’s great that you were out there supporting him, and getting exercise yourself! Does he still want to do an ironman now that he has completed a half?

    • gracefulfitness

      I was really surprised to hear him talking about the full just hours after finishing. We’ll see but at this point he’s still interested. I’m SO impressed that you are training for a half!

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