1. I don’t have an answer to your question, but can’t wait to hear it when you figure it out! As soon as we find and move into the house we hope to stay at for awhile the first things I am planting are garlic and asparagus. I love garlic. There’s a local Italian joint that makes a garlic and mushroom pasta dish that is sooooo good. It’s kinda like you bathed in garlic for a couple days but completely worth it. I’ve been to a garlic festival once before! May I suggest NOT making garlic ice cream with your garlic???

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi Jenn,
      I use an expeller-pressed, organic toasted sesame oil and it’s so good! It can seem a bit pricey but it lasts a long time. I keep mine in the fridge to avoid oxidation of the oil. Nope, I don’t roast the salt, I get it from the bulk salt bins at Whole Foods. Have you tried either of these things? They both add a TON of flavor!
      Thanks for reading!

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