1. cassy

    for christmas my mom infused tequilla with spicy peppers (habaneros?) for me! the longer it sits, the spicier it gets!
    Just need to mix with a delicious margartia mix and it’s ready!

    i miss the pepper chunks floating in the margarita, but this is one awesome way to make a spicy margarita! And you can make more for the future!

  2. Love the part about PBR. Honestly, I like it so much better than Bud Light, Miller Light (blech!), and other similar lagers. It’s best when it’s super ice cold and you’ve just finished a long day of whatever. So refreshing!


    • gracefulfitness

      I’ve always been a hoppy-beer kind of gal. Usually one sip of pbr is more than enough for me but lately it’s been tasting pretty good! I also like malted and dark beers in a way I never have before, I guess our tastes just change! Still love the hops though.

  3. I love love love this list and hope to do so many of those things as well. I have a bucket list going too of more concrete events, places, and things to do but I love the way you worded this list so much. I’m starting my first garden this summer and hope to eat from it by the end of the summer also 🙂 Can’t say I’ll be trying to like pbr anytime soon though 😉

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