1. I had my first cherries of the year this past weekend (though it’s too cold here to grow them locally, so I got them from a store rather than right from the tree). They were so good! I pitted some for my oatmeal one morning and my fingers are still stained 🙂

  2. The driveway black cherries ripened about three weeks early. I need to get home for third picking. I tried a cherry pitter I bought last winter, but it apparently is designed for firm, large cherries, which these are not. So, my hands are purple. Delicious on pancakes (last Thur) and waffles (Sat.) and vanilla ice cream. Pie comes next. Still picking strawberries, and blueberries just starting, so life is full and juicy. Peaches already, WOW and YUM. Please bring some next week if available.

  3. I love this. Fruit picking is such a calming experience, like you said. I especially adore cherries!! And I’m not a huge fan of gooseberries either, but Gooseberry Pie is my husband’s absolute favorite. Go figure!

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