Theme and Variation

Another typical weekend is wrapped up ’round these parts.

There were block parties.






Birthdays were celebrated.




Saturday’s activity was bowling, not bikes.






And peaches, not cherries.





Kale, not chard.



As usual, Sunday night dinner was eaten among friends.




And my favorite cake was devoured.



I used my coconut flour lemon muffin batter, added service-berries and swapped out the lemon for slices of lime and lime zest.



The icing on the cake?

Cherry bourbon whipped cream.



I threw a cup of cherries from last weeks picking in a pint of bourbon and let them soak all week.  After whipping the cream I doused it with several good glugs and gave it another whisk.



The perfect end to a delightfully typical weekend.


  1. You live the coolest life, I’m convinced. Loved every picture, especially those bowling ones.. so fun! And that block party looks like a blast, was it an event for something or just a gathering of people? I’ve been spending lots of time in my garden, thought you would like to hear 🙂

    • gracefulfitness

      Ha, thanks Katie. I do live a good life, it’s a lot of fun these days. The block party was for the photography festival that was in town. Yay for gardening, grow greens, grow!

  2. so fun – what a wonderful weekend.
    have you ever made the cake/muffins with gluten flour? i’m looking for another flavor of muffins for a family camping trip; i have kamut & whole wheat pastry to use up, so i’d rather not buy coconut flour. you don’t have a scale do you? if you do, do you happen to know how much the serving of coconut flour weighs? i can probably sub that way (by weight). sorry to be a pain, but the reminiscent of cheesecake totally won me over!
    love the food spread photo (below the Sunday dinner remark). something rustic about it.

    • gracefulfitness

      Coconut flour soaks up an incredible amount of liquid and is definitely the contributing factor to the cheesecake-ness (although this time around I was reminded more of poundcake). Unfortunately I just don’t think you can sub other flours for this one but I’m sure you could make some awesome muffins with honey and lemon zest anyway!

      • I’m just going to get coconut flour then. 🙂 The other flavor I am making will be my own lemon-millet, so I really want the “cheesecake” factor for these. This is actually better anyway, so my mom (who can’t have gluten) can have both flavors. The rest of my family is sort of weird about gluten-free things – because they haven’t had much homemade gf goods – so I’ll just let them try them before I say anything.
        Thanks for the feedback! I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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