1. Rachel

    i LOVE everything but especially those ball jar lights!! Any way Tate can give us a how-to on those lights? 🙂 Congrats on the new kitchen.

  2. I really like the look of the natural oak. Going to mentally file that one away. I grew up in an older home that had all natural wood work around doorways, baseboards, etc. Kinda miss it. The wife and I are talking to realtors to finally sell our typical suburban cul-de-sac house and get the (minimum) 5 acres outside city limits we’ve always wanted. I imagine some demolition and molding is in our future. Congrats on the new kitchen!

  3. Whoohoo! So exciting. Looks gorgeous. And now the really fun part begins – the finishing touches, decorating and making it totally yours in style. Yay Faith and Tate!

  4. Ummm yeah. I want the ball jar tutorial. I have some amazing old blue ball jars the Father-In-Law picked up for me at garage sales that are just begging for something fun. Probably not in this house, but I will definitely find a place in the next. And I love the oak panels – I am a sucker for the rustic look.

  5. Wow!!! It looks absolutely gorgeous!! I am so jealous of all that counter space (right now, our kitchen is literally just one wall, with a fridge and a stove framing it on either side — so sad). I know what you mean about the dishwasher too! When I was away at school the past 4 years, I used to dirty extra dishes just so I could use the dishwasher. It was like a special luxury compared to coming home and doing them all by hand again. 🙂 Enjoy your awesome new space!

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