1. The craziest I have gotten with fruit for dinner is in a salad, as a glaze for chicken, or raisins in a tomatoey sauce. I think onions and blackberries sound awesome – caramelized onions are practically candy anyway. My grandma taught me that dessert is the most important part of a meal so she would have loved the honey in her dinner.

    By the way, I double checked and this is posting as ME not my husband. Though he’s probably already read your post by now 🙂

    • gracefulfitness

      Love the BTW, ha! I haven’t tried raisins in tomato but I do love them in anything with curry. We used to make basmati rice with raisins, cashews, and yellow curry powder, so good (I forgot about it until now, I should do that again soon).

  2. This sounds amazing! I’ve never had blackberries and feta together. My favorite way to eat fruit for dinner is watermelon and feta salad – I have Turkish friends and apparently they do this all the time in Turkey! I make mine with a light vinaigrette of olive oil, minced shallots and lemon juice, then add fresh basil on top. My other favorite is figs and gorgonzola on grilled crusty Italian bread. Or sliced apples and gruyere cheese melted on a baguette with a little whole grain mustard. Sounds weird but it’s really good. Sweet and savory together is a winner in my book!

    • gracefulfitness

      Love figs and gorgonzola! It will be fig season here before long so keep an eye out for figgy dinner!

  3. Every time I am in the position to buy/eat a crepe I always opt for the sweet or desert varieties over the savory “meal” crepes. But now that I can have best of both worlds I guess I have to try it!
    I personally do not like fruit with dinner or meal recipes. The most I can do is strawberries in a salad lol. Or watermelon and feta. I crave comfort foods at meals and usually fruit is the last thing on my mind unless we’re talking dessert!

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