Empowered But Not Electric

We still don’t have electricity at our house.

I am not complaining.  Not at all.

Yes, it’s hot and my clothes are dirty. So what.

My sister’s restaurant is in the first month of business and doesn’t have electricity or water.  Now that sucks.  Lots of people are losing lots of money because their work is shut down.  That sucks.  People are lacking access to clean water and in danger of health concerns due to the heat.  That really sucks.

Not having AC in my house or being able to fry an egg on a whim?  Not an issue.  In fact I was laying on the floor in the candlelight last night, watching the nearly full moon out the window and literally cringed when I thought for moment that the electricity was kicking back on.

Ironically, my patient and tough husband is much less patient and tough about the situation.  The man spent the first 17 years of his life in a cabin on a mountaintop with no indoor plumbing or electricity and then years of his twenties living in a tent.  We have made sure to find a little AC to sleep in and between that and lots of cold beer he’s surviving ;).

I’ll readjust to the hum of electricity once it does return (maybe Friday?) and be glad to make some yogurt, replenish my kombucha stash, and turn on a fan but until then I will practice compassion for those who are actually dealing with hardship right now and remain grateful for my health, safety, and relative comfort in this life.