1. “I was feeling overwhelmed by what I “needed” to accomplish and underwhelmed with own ability to get it done.”

    Oh my goodness… I think I feel this way on most days. :-/

    I think about compassion too and how I practice it towards myself (or not). I once read something that was really helpful: Be your own best friend. I know it sounds simplistic but it’s true… if our best friend doubted us or talked about us negatively as much as we did ourselves, we wouldn’t even want to be friends with that person.

    And on the other hand, our best friend also reminds us when it’s time to get our butts to work 🙂

    So…”be our own best friend”. It certainly is a balancing act though, as you have said.

    But yes, gratitude does keep things in perspective!

  2. Effortless accomplishment is a phrase I came across years ago and at first glance was completely mystified by it’s meaning! How could there possibly be accomplishment without effort/work? Over the years it makes more and more sense to me-There is a time for every project every doing every accomplishment that is intended. Some days the deeds flow like
    water downstream and other days fight the current and end up cap-sized. Now it means to notice the joy and beauty of the accomplishment when it has been produced with ease and grace rather than drama and stress.

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