1. I’m heading to NYC this weekend, and might need to make this drink as I pack on Thursday night, haha! Have a great time in Portland! I’d love to hear about your dancing adventures–want to grab coffee next week sometime?

  2. Since finding this blog, one of the things I love most is that you are definitely a DIY master. I’ve been curious to try this before, but never have….does it matter what kind of lid on the jar? Can I use the same that I would for making jam?

    Safe and happy travels!

    • gracefulfitness

      Ha, thanks Keri! I don’t think it matters, I just use a two piece canning lid. The alcohol won’t touch the lid but since it does come into contact with it when you shake it you probably wouldn’t want to use plastic.

  3. Amy

    Faith, so glad to see this post. The bourbon looks yummy and I happen to have some beautiful cherries right now! Do you have a bourbon you prefer to use in this recipe?

    Have a great trip! Love your inspirational blog!

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks Amy! I hope I’m not too late in responding! Lately I’ve been buying Buffalo Trace. The man at the liquor store recommend it to me one day when I was trying to buy Makers. Enjoy!

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