1. glad you are making it to my home turf!!! Maine is gorgeous in the summer (winter, too, but it’s a bit cold). If you make your way North from Portland to Acadia via the coastal route (HW1) it’ll take you a while but all the good stuff is along that route — Boothbay Harbor, Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Castine (not on the direct route, but worth a visit, maybe combined with a day trip to Stonigton and Blue Hill), Ellsworth, and eventually Acadia.

    Recommended restaurants:
    Primo, Rockland (hard to get reservations, but they have a new, walk-in kind of section), best restaurant in the state, visit their garden and farm first, right next to the restaurant
    Chase’s Daily, Belfast (vegetarian, they also grow their own produce, and sell it as an indoor FM in their restaur.)
    Cleonice, Ellsworth
    86 This! (sandwich and wrap place, Ellsworth)
    Havanna, Bar Harbor
    Mount Desert Ice Cream, Bar Harbor

  2. Sarah

    We went to Portland in June and really loved it. If you guys like baked goods or desserts, I can HIGHLY recommend Scratch Baking Co in South Portland. We bought a big box of stuff and enjoyed it for several days while we were on vacation. Then we bought another box of yumminess on our way out of town. Soooooo good and a really fun little place.

  3. Maine is absolutely beautiful! I went during July last summer and I have been dreaming of going back ever since. I definitely recommend stopping in Kennebunkport. It is a cute little town right on the water with great food and cute shopping. It is in the south east corner of Maine, but it is definitely worth to stop if you have half a day to fill!!

  4. carrie

    When we lived in maine we loved alexias pizza in belfast, the camden deli in camden. This past summer we found a new local foods italian restaurant by the camden harbor, good, no idea if its still there. Mt. Battie in camden is a great hike, plus there is a whole network of trails there. Any of the acadia hikes are good from what i’ve heard. For food up there the jordon pond house is famous for their popovers and jam. Thurstons lobster pound is abit of a drive, not sure which town, but worth finding. Have fun, definitely recommend driving route 1 and enjoy the towns on the way!

  5. I’m not from Maine, and it’s been a while since I’ve visited, but my family and I used to drive up there and we did that for a few summers. The town of York is just lovely and charming…so is Kennebunkport. And of course the lobsters can’t be beat! (back when I wasn’t vegetarian…) We used to go to a fishmonger and get lobsters by the pound, and have them cook the lobsters for us instead of eating out at a restaurant, so we can eat it the way we want to. (Plus we are such a big family, it was just cheaper to do it this way!) This reminds me to plan a trip up there… and I just might enjoy a lobster again… 😉

  6. Your trip sounds amazing, I want to head to Maine at some point as I’ve heard so many great stories about the area. Keep us all posted on your adventures!

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