1. Both the cupcakes I had were terrific; thanks for making them small. A guy at the dessert table was curious about your label. He said that because he was a glutton, did the sign mean to stay away from the ‘gluten free’ cupcakes or that gluttons had to pay for the ones that were not labeled. Hard story to write, more effective when told. Vacation was great, today’s list is long……

  2. cassy

    your vaction sounds like a dream come true, but i especially loved ‘skinnydipped at dusk in the clear, cool water’. You 2 are so very rad!

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi, sorry it took me a little while to respond. The cupcakes were rather out of fashion for me, they were an organic cake mix topped with a homemade buttercream. Nothing wrong with that but not really my style at all, I was thrown into it last minute and making them for quite a crowd. The frosting was a basic buttercream (butter, milk, powdered sugar) with vanilla and lemon added for the vanilla cakes and just vanilla for the chocolate ones. The gluten-free cupcakes were Pamela’s brand cake mix and I heard they were very tasty.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation! The photo of the Maine coast from your hike looks amazing. Definitely makes me want to go there sometime!

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