1. I tend to just indulge the distraction and do something else, although I’ve definitely heard people say that it’s best to push through and get over the hurdle. Loved this little post, so maybe you’ve found the answer!

  2. The old kitchen/new multipurpose room looks more spacious with the raised ceiling. I am still at the office at 11:26 pm, so I would confirm the cool air is energizing me.

  3. Jenifer

    I’ve always struggled with “the block”… as a result, I only get a few post done a year. However.. I cured my “homemaking” block by watching a “Hoarders” marathon… don’t know why it worked.. but anytime, I’ve felt it coming on, I watch a few episodes.. and before I know it, I have a sparkeling house, flowers (or PUMPKINS!!! : ) ) on the table, and something baking in the oven. Works every single time.

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