• Ummmmm, can you tell the Husband for me that we have had dried figs in the pantry FOREVER now. Red bag. They say “figs” on the front.

        We do have fresh local peaches in the house and all of these ingredients except the vanilla bean. Have you ever done a post on vanilla beans? I am starting to become more interested in homemade extract too. Not too sure on storage and shelf life of vanilla beans though. I just read a post the other day recommending a 1/2 pound bag from amazon which was about 50 beans. I might need some inspiration to use up that many…

        • gracefulfitness

          Ha! Classic husband, Tate does the same thing.
          I just bought vanilla beans for the first time and made some extract, doing a post on it next week!

  1. By the way, my ten month old LOVES your coconut flour pancakes! I sub coconut oil in for the banana to get a little extra fat in him but he goes nuts for the things. Mike gets pretty excited too since one batch feeds all three of us for breakfast. Have you ever frozen them before? I think I am going to try that soon for quick baby breakfasts. A blogger I follow recommended a frozen pancake product which was $2.50 (on sale I might add) for 6 small pancakes. And they weren’t nearly as good.

  2. Amy

    Coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut yogurt and coconut oil… This cake is perfect for a coconut lover like me!!!

    No fresh figs for the topping so I added lemon zest to the batter and topped with a lemon glaze! So light and tasty… Thank you!

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