1. Yay!! Thanks much. I’m still planning on ordering vanilla beans and making this cake and making extract . . . it’s just on hold while I box up my entire house to move :/

    Until then I shall live vicariously . . . and vanilla is so not vanilla in my book!

  2. I made homemade vanilla for Christmas presents last year and it was a huge hit! I ordered a dozen 4 oz. round glass bottles from specialtybottle.com (who knew something like that existed?!), made a label, and tied with ribbon. So easy. So fun.

    • gracefulfitness

      I’ve found a few of those specialty bottle websites-so much fun! I was thinking of making some vanilla foodie gifts, I should order those bottles!

  3. I brought home some intoxicatingly fragrant vanilla beans from India. I would simply cut of the ends and toss them into coconut/banana/date/nut smoothies for a sweet treat. Yum.

    • gracefulfitness

      I hear you, I originally bought the beans to make extract but I now prefer them straight up! I made a batch of berry muffins on Saturday morning and added finely chopped bean to the batter, so good! Do you order your beans online?

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