1. Just wanted to say how happy it has been making me to see your posts in my Google Reader more often this week! I always love your posts.

    As for food thoughts…I’m thinking a trip to TJ’s in Short Pump may be in order for me this weekend–I’m craving their dried white peaches!

  2. Vanessa

    Kale! I’m thinking of kale. For whatever reason, kale is extremely seasonal in Germany. I can only find it at the market in the winter. Now that the temps are cooler, I’m starting to get excited about kale. Especially in this dark and damp winter climate, I really need all the kale-goodness I can get.

  3. I have been thinking the same thing about our tomatoes. I’ll be sad when we stop getting them this year. Apple butter was on my mind yesterday (and today). I’m attempting to make it for the first time!

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