1. Oh darling Faith!
    This is soooo sweet! We were so grateful to have you and Tate there supporting us. It was all so magical. I love your iphoto shots. It’s still like a dream to me.
    Love Frances

    • gracefulfitness

      Tell us more beautiful bride! Did you guys buy that tea set? Everything was SO perfect and gorgeous. I definitely cried during the ceremony…several times! xooxoxoxo

      • I did collect all those tea cups from different antique stores around the area (as with all the plates, serving ware and silver). It was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. I’m a bit of a pirate – I love treasure hunting 🙂
        Some of the grander pieces (champagne buckets, large vases, silver trays etc) were borrowed from my Mum and a number of the antique tea cups were sent to me as a gift by my “fairy godmother”

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