Things That Make Me Smile

Blue sky in December

Although today, the first day of winter, I will be driving into the eye of Draco!

Growing, picking, and eating salad year round

I’m harvesting kale, lettuce, arugula, and chard almost daily.  Winter greens are a little tougher and a little sweeter, yum!


I have one more present to get together!  I did pretty good this year and a few things I am quite excited about.

Receiving (we all have our materialistic moments)

Unwrapping is fun!


I will land in Nicaragua on Tuesday night!!


I’m loving Two Gallents, Wax Tailor, The Xx, The Lumineers, Passenger  Blind Pilot, and The Avett Brothers lately.


I need more in my life.  Lots more.


In each moment I am grateful to have beautiful, generous, sweet friends all around this little planet.


I will be with my parents, four siblings, and neice tonight!  <3!


Happy, happy holidays.

Keep filling your days with things that make you smile.