1. It looks amazing, I just made an almond milk pudding a few weeks ago as well and I am pleased with the taste. This, however looks like a yummy pudding truffle with crunchy almonds, gah! gorgeous!

  2. All these years I’ve been wondering about those puddingtops. I look forward to making this. As you know, I was also a chocolate pudding from mix (MyTFine?) and often scorchedc the bottom. Guess I taught you well.

  3. Aimee

    Oh, Faith. One of the reasons I LOVE your blog is that you come through the screen so authentically. I see your passion, enthusiasm and energy for life shine in the way you talk about your family, your friends, your kitchen & garden, and all your adventures. Imagine my surprise, then, when this post pops up just screaming “buy Silk (TM)” without any of your characteristic engaging “voice”… We don’t hear, for example, how you went about creating the recipe, or whether Tate and/or you actually enjoyed it, or whether almond milk translates well to a chilled dessert (irrespective of brand). The only message that gets across is “buy Silk brand” (and it’s so out of character that I was just waiting for the acknowledgement of $). I just hate to think about the direction this blog could go if you continue to accept compensation at the expense of what’s so attractive about you and your writing. Everyone’s got to make a buck, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help but see this and be a little nervous about losing one of my favorite blogs.

    • gracefulfitness

      Thank you for your honest feedback, I really appreciate it. I am uncertain about how to proceed with the blog but, as you picked up on, this is not the right path for me (compensated posts).
      There are a few things I am excited about promoting, like an affiliate link through a photo-to-canvas company that makes beautiful pieces and I get a kickback from sales, but overall I need to be very, very selective about what I promote and how.
      Thanks again for reading and for commenting.

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