1. Becky

    Hi Faith! I love this post! I have “tried” to make meditation a habit for a few years now, and have struggled for a multitude of reasons (too busy, I simply forget, get frustrated, etc). About a month ago I saw a link on Pinterest of all places, for a Perfect Health meditation challenge that Oprah and Deepak Chopra put together so I thought it’d be a great opportunity to give it another shot (I love Deepak!!). Each day was a different meditation where Deepak would talk about a topic, give a thought for the day, and provide a different mantra for you to focus on (and he, of course, would mind the time :)). I loved it so much I purchased the series! Since starting the practice, I’ve done it every day except one (I was out of town and had technical issues where I couldn’t access it), and each session is ~16 minutes, with the actual meditation about 1/2 of that. 16 minutes sounds like a LONG time but it’s been really nice to take the time, breathe and start my day with a good perspective.

    I love your thoughts about meditation (especially the thoughts are like cartoon bubbles – I’m going to use that!) and I think we just have to learn from our individual as well as shared experiences. I’m excited to hear how your group meditation goes! Don’t be too hard on yourself if it seems difficult, just breathe through it and let it take you where you will go! 🙂 Take care!

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks for sharing Becky. A few other readers mentioned the 21 day meditation to me as well and I think my brother in law is doing it (and really enjoying it!). I feel like mediation is one of those things that I want in my arsenal, like running and journaling, something I have available to me when I need it.

  2. debra.davis.125@facebook.com

    I have never been a good meditator. A few years back I went on my first three day silent retreat wit several 40 minute meditations a day. My first thought at my first sitting was, what was I thinking? That progressed to, I don’t have to stay here, I am an adult I can leave anytime I want to. Since there was noble silence there were no cell phones or Internet service. We were asked to bring no reading material. Their books were covered by a curtain. A couple of times during free time I wandered around the parking lot reading bumper stickers. But……….by the third day I could sit on my cushion and be right THERE. I still try to sit daily and I sit with a group once a week. Now I alway make my retreat a yoga/meditation retreat.

  3. Natalie

    The Metta practice would probably be appealing and feel very helpful to you. It is a Buddhist practice, but is applicable to everyone. I come back to it often. May you be full of loving kindness, may you be happy, may you be well, may you be peaceful and at ease. Or something along those lines ;). Best of luck and thanks for the reminder to meditate.
    In metta,

  4. Christie

    this post caught my eye because I’ve been practicing meditation in a group for the first time in my life for the last 6 months and it has been WONDERFUL. We only sit for about 20 minutes at a time but it definitely took working up to (I started with 5 minutes in the morning at home first). We also do walking mediation for about 20 minutes, guided meditation and singing! It is in the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh. I never expected to love group meditation so much, but I do! At the end of the practice there is time for us to share how our practice is going, moments of joy, struggle, etc. Anything related to our spiritual life. I feel so much support from these people that I only spend 2 hours with each week. I highly recommend giving a group a try and going a few times before deciding if it is for you. Most of all I think mediation should be a joyful practice – so find a group that laughs, smiles, and is flexible. I never expected to like the singing so much but it’s lovely.

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks for sharing, I want to join your group! I’ve never been very comfortable singing or chanting but do find it incredibly therapeutic. Sometimes when I get stuck in my home meditation practice I hum or om very softly to refocus my mind. And it feels amazing to belt out with the radio in the car with the windows down! I know nothing about singing, doubt that I can even carry a pitch (is that even the way to say it?), but have often said that in my next life I want to be a singer. Thanks for reiterating what a valuable part of the practice this can be!

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