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May swept through my life and left me in a bit of a daze.  So much of a daze I forgot to write that Mother’s Day post I’d been composing in my head (sorry mom!) and forgot to wish my fellow Taurians Happy Birthday (sorry Papa!).  I also neglected another very important birthday.  Just over 3 years ago (May 30, 2010) I started Gracefulfitness from an internet cafe in Kathmandu Nepal.

Looking back at my second post, Welcome! Or as they say here in Nepal Namaste!, I am glad I had the forethought to say “Gracefulfitness is an ongoing process and ever-evolving as we age, change jobs, change homes, change seasons, build families.    I hope my journey of maintaining a lifestyle that gracefully fuses fitness and ‘real life’ will inspire and maybe educate you, or at least entertain!”.   Definitely an ongoing process.  My life, and this blog, has evolved, grown, and shifted over the last three years in all kinds of ways.

As a bit of a birthday tribute I am linking 10 of my top posts from the last three years, in no particular order…

My Food Manifesto still holds true!

Work Your Butt assk me how.

The Interrupted Workout get it where you can.

Fear Itself fear is totally human, I like human.

I Admit… (this and the next one are some of my personal favorites!)

Highlight The Best accept the rest.

Theme and Variation reminds me to be grateful for the simple, sweet things in my life.

This is Summer my list will only be slightly modified this year.

A Feminist and a Homemaker I kinda want to start using powertools…

Cervical Dysplasia MUST include this one because it, and the other posts surrounding my experience with cervical dysplasia and the LEEP procedure, are the most commented on and most Google-searched posts on the blog.   I am working on a follow up post and would love to include other personal stories and experiences as well.  If you have any experience with cervical dysplasia, hpv, LEEP (or other similar procedures), and/or cervical cancer and would be interested in sharing your story please be in touch (I can post anonymously if you prefer).  It has obviously been really helpful for many of us going through this to connect, share information, support each other, and commiserate on this issue.  Email me at gracefulfitness{at}live.com

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for reading Gracefulfitness!




  1. Congrats, Faith!! Thanks for sharing some of your favorites. I love your blog, the variety of topics you discuss, and your general approach to life–you have provided much inspiration and insight for me in the year and a half or so I’ve been reading. Looking forward to whatever is next for you and this space.

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